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Have those dreams been realized? On a global level, the Cancer-Capricorn eclipse series, which began on July 12, and lasts until July 5, , is bringing issues of gender into the spotlight. Cancer represents the archetypal mother and Alpha female. To wit, U. Historical numbers of women, particularly women of color, were voted into the House during the midterms; yet, the U. With both Cancer and Capricorn associated with families, the shadow of the U. But every jaw-dropping moment is also a clarion call, especially where eclipses are concerned.

On a personal level, July will be anything but predictable. July 2 Solar Eclipse: Home sweet home? Turn your space into an Aries oasis, whether that means reconfiguring rooms or literally moving. A new group of women could rock your world and possibly become future collaborators. Family may need additional support, so prepare to jump in as MVP. You could get a raise, a line of credit to start a business, or an out-of-the-blue offer. An important male figure may have news or an opportunity to share. July 2 Solar Eclipse: The local scene is calling your name, so get involved, Bull. You could find your summer squad at the neighborhood pub, open mic night or a street festival.

Transportation is highlighted. July 16 Lunar Eclipse: Opportunity and news may come from afar, necessitating last-minute travel. July 2 Solar Eclipse: Get your hustle on! The tide is turning on finances, but you need to bring some integrity back to your budgeting. Stability is the goal, even if that means returning to the grind to pay some dues. July 16 Lunar Eclipse: Intensity alert! This is a soulful, sexy day that could be one of the most passionate of ! But watch out, because jealousy could erupt like an active volcano, so watch that vengeful streak.

July 2 Solar Eclipse: Nailed it! Let your spontaneous side guide you for at least a few hours.

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You could walk right into an unexpected opportunity! July 16 Lunar Eclipse: Commit or quit! This eclipse draws a line in the sand.

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  • The adventure shared or solo begins once you commit to a path and stop looking back. July 2 Solar Eclipse: White light insights hit you out of nowhere! Have a seat and process this, Leo. Summertime sadness might be part of the process, so keep the tissues close. Or, let this be day one of your graceful exit that you make before is through. July 16 Lunar Eclipse: Have you been slacking on self-care? No mas!

    Plunge into a summertime fitness routine and reboot your bod with plant-based fare.

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    July 2 Solar Eclipse: Flex those social butterfly wings! A new friend group is forming, both online and IRL. Submerge yourself in local activities and practice being a joiner instead of hovering on the periphery of a scene. Update digital devices and choose a stronger password before Mercury turns retrograde on the 7th. July 16 Lunar Eclipse: Step into the spotlight!

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    This eclipse lights up your zone of fame, fashion and flirtation, drawing attention your way. Romantic developments happen fast, and you may have something epic to announce within a month. A nurturing man could be part of this fateful acceleration. July 16 Lunar Eclipse: Where will you hang your fedora next, Libra? A big change may be in store as you close on a house or sign a lease on your dream apartment. Staying put? Shifts within your inner circle could shake up your social life.

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    Take space from certain people and use the time to get closer to friends who are on the level this summer. July 2 Solar Eclipse: Cast a wider net! A long-distance opportunity could rock your world, luring you off to distant ports. Or, you may begin exploring the possibility of traveling or relocating for work over the next six months. Some Scorpios might enroll in school or get to work on a promising side hustle.

    Improvement is your net gain. Coinciding with the Canadian Thanksgiving, the full moon in Aries on October 13 marks a good weekend to take a break from the work or the obligatory. One way or another, it can put you on go. Perhaps it is time to stand up for yourself more, to be more self-honouring, or to cut yourself some slack. What surfaces or picks up speed is timely, necessary, and meant to be. A first step, a change, or a redirect sets a foundation for something better to occur.

    Go seek, and you may find. Mars in Libra, an informing transit, continues to put more lucrative opportunity in your path.

    Eclipse Season July 12222 and What it Means for You

    It also stimulates your social life and creative capacity through the middle of November. The new moon in Scorpio on October 27 is in dynamic tension to Uranus and coincides with Mars on a corner turn with Saturn. Whether subtle or significant, the new moon can be of impact. Held up or back no longer, the brakes come off. Watch for a something -perhaps unexpected — to overtake you. It could you up for the next Mercury retrograde, which begins on October 31 in Scorpio. Daily life hit the speed dial as January opens.

    Mars, freshly into Aries keeps your phone ringing and your fit-bit number-crunching your steps. The make-it-real solar eclipse in Capricorn on January 5 is accompanied by the end of Uranus retrograde in Aries January 6. Perhaps long in the works or anticipated, your future has finally arrived. Even so, there may be more working it out or finishing up to do until you are fully transitioned into the new chapter.

    Look to be well on your way once you are through the next set of eclipses in the summer. January 21 delivers a super full moon total lunar eclipse in Leo. You can have a lot riding on faith, perhaps more than you would sign up for ordinarily. Time reveals all.

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    Both January eclipses hold an element of the sudden and unexpected. Starting on March 6, Uranus will park itself in Taurus.