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Issues associated with human cloning, transhumanism, and genetic manipulation of human DNA may fundamentally alter our current worldview and possibly bring a collapse as a modern society. It is my view that the changes Sedna reflected through its passage in Sagittarius, may reoccur during its presence in Gemini, until its Aphelion.

Those years will change humanity radically and we will see new people coming and teaching new ideas. If during the period of Sedna in Sagittarius we had the Birth of Philosophers and Gurus, now we will have the birth of people who use technology with philosophy to change the world—we can possibly expect one of the most significant change of consciousness to date—a golden age.

As always new ideas do not come simply as a miracle.

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I believe that before we experience a golden age, and forwards, humanity is likely to face severe problems. Confucius came to China in a period of great turbulence, and as Heraclitus mentioned, War is the father of all, people often learn to advance through strife and conflict. Ecological, financial, and ethical crises are to be expected and that will shape the following years providing the platform for great people and movements to emerge and change our world. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Enjoy this variety of articles offered by OPA members through the years. Many of these articles were originally published in the Career Astrologer magazine , but can now be found here more easily. Sedna and the new spiritual revolution!

Posted in Great Cycles in Astrology Sedna is a trans—Neptunian object most likely a Dwarf planet, but yet to be confirmed in the outer reaches of our Solar System. Are you willing to work hard to achieve ambitions? What is your attitude toward authority figures?

Are you a name dropper? Do you expect preferential treatment?

Sedna Consciousness: The Soul's Path of Destiny

Will you blame your failures on lacking the right connections or help? Do you expect more from your friends, coworkers, or group associations that you give back? Do you exploit your friends? Are you rebellious? Are your hopes and wishes purely selfish? Do you put others at risk in some way then, at the last minute, swoop in to save them and expect to be considered a savior?

Do you practice forgiveness or retribution? This is a much deserved culmination of 6 years work for this Piscean astrologer and past President of the Astrological Association. For details about joining, email us or call Julia on Swing low sweet chariot Be careful what you wish for! Is the Harmonic Convergence a shift in consciousness or just more planetary spin? The Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger's election in the void indicates his tenure will not be as expected.

The Astrological Sedna

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