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Honestly wished I had left when friends told me and I had a job and more self worth a!

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Please I was trusting not stupid and hopeful!! My five 5 years husband somehow all of the sudden changed, and left home. He went to live with some other girl. He was like a different person. Priest Hallifat found out that our relationship has been damaged by this third person into our relationship. Now, he is the best husband, and father. Thank goes to Priest Hallifat , Priest personal Email: lifecentre live.

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Horoscopes is part of my life, i do stay longer here than any site it helps making my day worthwhile and complete.. This is a great site…been following it for close to two years now and it has never failed me. Keep up the good work fellas..! I am single lady trying to fine a good man one that works and would only love me as his lady so help me if you can free.

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Daily Horoscope For Scorpio. Overview Love Money. Daily one email per day. Weekly and Monthly one email per week. Share this. Avi k Awomi 7 days ago. Like 0. Ahanogbe September 6th, Sinthia Mahbub Brintee August 2nd, Luke July 29th, Rosa July 6th, Hope July 10th, Scorpio man … Like 0.

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Enoch Toomey June 17th, Great words. Lil Miss sunshine June 10th, What happened question mark are Scorpio men different than Scorpio woman Like 0. Ozone May 3rd, Wao, thanks so much Like 0. Eddie April 28th, I have so many things id love to know Like 0. Faust January 10th, Tommorow my life will foreverchange,any significant changes u see?

Sania December 2nd, Hi how r you Like 0. Smith December 2nd, When I get home and a good job Like 0.

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Saim December 2nd, I would like to know when will I succeed in everything I do my birthday is 11 19 Like 0. Mensah November 26th, When am I going to get my financial breakthrough? Gloria garcia November 14th, Alia October 23rd, This is very very right things. Thank you Like 0. Iris yana enriquez July 20th, Feeling like if im falling aparte and broken hearted and lonely and insecure about myself Like 0.

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  7. Megi July 28th, Dogbera Clinton Luckyboy June 28th, Ahmad May 7th, Stanley May 3rd, Am a scorpio and all around me is a scorpio Like 0. Athena April 17th, What does it mean. Dontrill April 21st, July 28 Like 0. Jaime garza April 4th, Will she call today Like 0. Kartik April 2nd, Hey m preparing for civil services , so Wat are my chances of being selected in ias exam?

    Brittany shanahan March 25th, Mahipal Jain March 24th, I wanted to know if I will ever have a married life and settle down even in business…I would be very grateful if you throw a light on my coming future so that I can be prepared for the worst or good…Eagerly waiting for your reply Like 0. Lana March 18th, Iwill I find a friend, a partner, a love and a lover Like 0.

    Lisa March 14th, Hello can I ever get this life to unblock my badluck and no money spell on me from my past life? Kishore Kumar March 12th, Gee this is unbelievable Like 0. JR September 17th, Scorpio95 September 28th, ConfusedScorpioWomen wats up Like 1. Feelings are running high, your sex drive is running even higher , and a fun extra perk is that Venus in Scorpio might just get you a surprise bonus on your next paycheck.

    Expect hella right swipes, a ton of cuties sliding into your DMs—the whole shebang. Enjoy it!

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    Right now, you want nothing more than a deep, spiritual connection with someone else. You got 99 problems and all of them are potential lovers! Old partners might come back around, the worst of the worst in your current relationship is coming out , and the next few weeks are all about pinpointing the baggage and what needs to GTFO of your love life. For the most part, Venus in Scorpio is helping you solidify your circle of closest friends and pick who you most want in your squad.

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    People from all over—different cities, states, even countries—are pouring down into your life right now. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Related Story. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.