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They appreciate a good script and tend to veer towards well-written British comedies like The Vicar of Dibley or The full Monty. If they do go American though it will be reruns of Mash or classics like Mrs Doubtfire. They like their humor to be multilayered and full of unexpected surprises. They particularly like comedies where new punchlines are discovered with every re-watch. Acutely aware and deeply sensitive Cancer is tickled by humor that parodies the human condition. They enjoy comedies about the misfits of the world and can find the funny side to seemingly ordinary situations.

Leos are often up to date with all of the latest and greatest comedies. They seek out stand-up comedians that are willing to push boundaries and try something new. Unpredictable improv is also sure to tickle their funny bone. Virgos often have a very sarcastic and dry sense of humor. Librans enjoy all kinds of musical comedy. They adore clever, witty lyrics and appreciate the nuance of a funny score. Add in a bit of delightful silliness and Libra will be right in their element. Scorpio goes for humor that has a dark and dangerous bent.

They want to be shocked and taken to a place which rattles their morale compass. Scorpio suspects we are ruled by a malevolent force and will howl with laughter when shown its comedic appeal.

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And what does that often go hand in hand with? Well, apart from your ability to actually do your laundry and pay bills on time, you're also likely very good with money.

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In fact, as Stellhorn says, "Taurus rules money and surveys show the Taurus natives are more likely to earn more than K a year. As a Gemini, you're probably already aware of your ability to learn quickly , adapt, and exchange ideas. But did you know Geminis are the sign most likely to win prizes for their smarts?

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Go you! Cancers are loyal, tenacious, and highly emotional people mentally. But they have some telling physical traits, too.

Pretty cute, right? Hey Leo, you already know that you're super creative and passionate. But have you ever used that to your advantage in your career?

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If not, you may want to give it a try. Just a fun fact that may earn you some extra bucks. Virgo, you are super hardworking, analytical, and practical. And you know it. So your fun fact may not come as much of a surprise. But, as Stellhorn tells me, you and your fellow Virgos have always been the highest achieves in school.

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Since you know how to study and always study hard you're almost always the top of your class. As a Libra, you probably already know that you're the most cooperate , fair-minded, and social of the Zodiac. But did you know that Libra is also the sign of beauty? As Stellhorn tells me, Libras often have a dimple on their cheek as a result.

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Scorpios are the most passionate of all the signs , often feeling the feels in every aspect of their life — relationships, work, hobbies, etc. But Scorpios also have a physical trait that sets them apart, Stellhorn tells me. This is a widow's peak. You know, the triangular point of hair that comes down in the center of the forehead, kind of like Wednesday Addams. So chic. As far as signs go, none are more generous or idealistic than the Sagittarius. And none have an oval face quite like Sagittarius, either.

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As Stellhorn tells me, this has to do with Sagittarius ruling the horses, which of coures have long faces.