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Cainer was the newspaper's astrologer from to , and then again from onward. Not that this stopped any of them from fussing or fighting in the years after that song became a hit. Did they work it out? Well, they at least stopped long enough to notice how short life is and they shared some sense of the precious perspective with which we should all view life. You may not have all the answers you need but you have, at least, enough to make today a good day. And for the Daily Mail , he wrote:.

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We're not here for long. So make the most of every moment. We forget this so often, and get caught up in missions, and desires. We think we have forever and a day. In one way, we may be right — for are we not eternal spirits, temporarily residing in finite physical form? An elevated perspective is key to a meaningful existence. But when I read Jonathan's forecast for my Pisces starsign soon after — 'It is time to diversify' — I took the plunge. I'm glad I did. Since then, my business has grown beyond my wildest expectations.

I have 25 staff and a five-bedroom farmhouse with an acre of gardens. Quite simply, I'm living the dream. Jonathan's horoscope continued to be a valued guide for crucial business decisions. I read it each day and consulted him before making extravagant purchases. I bought my Bentley in only after his reading for my Pisces sign said: 'If you work hard you should enjoy the fruits of your labour. My friends think horoscopes are nonsense. But I like to think the progress of my business proves them wrong.

Angela Garvin, 49, said Jonathan's words 'pulled her out of depression' when she separated from her husband. Angela Garvin, 49, is a legal secretary from Romford, Essex, whose husband Peter, a lawyer, left her in August I really thought I had found my dream man. Kind, charismatic, generous, Peter, surely, was 'the one'. He would whisk me away for spontaneous weekends, and once even surprised me with a ruby necklace.

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We married in August after eight years together. Then, inexplicably, the romance began to dwindle. Our sex life suffered and only 12 months after our wedding, Peter told me he was leaving me. It all seemed so sudden. I felt tormented by unanswered questions. I became depressed, stopped going to work and lost a stone in just a month. I've always devoured Jonathan Cainer's horoscopes. But it was a forecast for my Leo sign a month after Peter and I separated that pulled me out of my depression.

It was never meant to be. A feeling of calm washed over me as I cried my last tear. His words gave me hope, and I started to get myself back on track. Even when I heard Peter was in a new relationship, I felt at peace.

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With Jonathan's death, I feel bereft. I've lost my trusted counsellor. Laney Randell, 73, said that Jonathan predicted her lost jewellery would be found - and it was. Laney Randell, 73, a physio-therapist, is married to Peter, 82, a retired agricultural consultant, and lives in Woking, Surrey. I've always had a deep bond with my daughter, Louise. When she moved to France, we started to wear matching gold bracelets — a symbol of our love despite the distance between us.

In , I bought us each another bracelet — gold set with emeralds.

Before I gave Louise her gift, Peter and I went on holiday to Cornwall, staying in a beautiful cottage. Wearing the jewellery to keep them safe, we visited the gardens of a nearby country house. But then I realised my bracelets had come off. I felt sick as we frantically retraced our steps through the bluebells. A groundsman standing by a mechanical digger noticed how upset I was. He introduced himself as Bob and promised he would search the grass with a metal detector before he cut it.

I went back to the cottage feeling I had let Louise down by losing them. Distraught, I could barely bring myself to get up in the morning, save to buy the paper to read Jonathan Cainer — a ritual that has uplifted and reassured me for decades. Three days later, Jonathan's forecast for my sign, Sagittarius, said a man with a mechanical digger would be of some help.

My mood instantly brightened. Sure enough, that evening Bob left a note at our cottage: he'd found my bracelets. Faith Eckersall, 50, said Jonathan correctly predicted there would be an explosion at her friend's house. Faith Eckersall, 50, from Winchester, Hants, is married to retired education worker Ashley, At the time, Jonathan's forecast for my Pisces star sign didn't seem concerning. It was the end of December The prescience of his words was revealed on New Year's Day when it did just that.

My husband, Ashley, and I were attending a friend's lunch party. While we were in their kitchen helping ourselves to food, the gas canister keeping the gravy warm exploded. Flames flew across the room, and we fled in terror. My face seared with red-hot pain. My eyelashes and hair were singed, my forehead and cheeks badly burnt. Ashley, too, was burnt, while another guest's hands were blackened. I shook with fear as we were rushed in an ambulance to Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth.


It took weeks for our burns to heal. Fortunately, there has been no lasting physical damage. But we've never found out why the gas canister blew up. It was a freak accident that no one could have foreseen — no one, that is, except Jonathan Cainer. Rose Stower, 71, is a widow and retired personal assistant from Bristol. Her son, Andrew, killed himself aged 36 in December I always read Jonathan's horoscopes to help me unwind.

One day, he said something was about to happen to Virgos that would change our lives for ever. Later that week, in December , my son, Andrew, took his own life. Andrew, who was 36, had suffered from depression once before. In the days leading up to his death, he had been devastated after his girlfriend of three years left him. I'd met him as soon as I'd discovered that she'd gone.

I steered clear of getting too emotional, but I hoped he understood that I was there for him, no matter what. The following evening, I invited him for dinner. Half an hour after he had been due to arrive, he left a voicemail message on our phone. He couldn't make it, he said, signing off with a simple 'cheerio'. That was the last time I ever heard his voice. At 10pm the following evening, the police knocked on our door.

A passer-by had discovered Andrew's car in local woods. He'd poisoned himself with carbon monoxide. I can't explain the grief that overcame me, other than to say that it has been my constant companion ever since. Andrew would have been 50 this week, maybe married with children. I will never stop torturing myself with 'what ifs' — and remain utterly convinced that Jonathan had the power to see the future. Angela Thompson, 63, is a divorcee and mother of one from Bedford. I considered myself blessed to have a job I loved — I adored small children and was the manager of a nursery.

Then, in , I felt a niggling doubt.

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The nursery owner seemed reluctant to spend money on equipment, and my staff and I worried for the future. I always read my Jonathan Cainer horoscope and, one morning, in April , his words leapt out. I felt that he was speaking to me. I had to leave my job — now.