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He wants to enrich the lives of people with genuine counselling, powered by technology. Acknowledging the accuracy of predictions from an Astrologer, we were born to provide easy access to genuine experts around the world.

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We are trying to disrupt this industry with the use of technology and excellent customer service, in order to help customers find the right Astrologer. At AstroTalk, our purpose is to make Astrology, the ancient occult science from India, available across the Globe by a click of a button. You may ask a query, get a report, speak to astrologer on call or chat live and get answers immediately.

Without a doubt, there is no comparison of AstroTalk when it comes to Astrology industry. They have revolutionized everything with excellent customer service by having a controlled marketplace for best astrologers from India. Would be happy to see them become a unicorn. I really love the service of AstroTalk. Astrologers are really skilled and co-operative.

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Customer support team is very active and friendly. I get all answers and have a good conversation with astrologers at a decent price. And the predictions are also very accurate. Have been using this for 6 months now. I am an ardent follower of Astrology and getting such a user friendly application in Astrotalk has just made it very easy for me to contact any good astrologer at anytime and release my stress.

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Astrologers do counsel very well. Brilliant app. Asked queries from 5 experts, got answer within hours every time and the answer were detailed which no other app provides in this cost. Predictions were quite accurate. And they were available to clear any follow up doubts also. Astrological reports are very detailed and accurate. Had ordered an annual report from 3 different astrologers and the insights I got were really good.

AstroTalk has the best astrologers from India and the provide best astrology predictions.

Best Astrologers in Chennai

Totally worth the money. Had a wonderful session with couple of astrologers and it was quite satisfying. - Reviews | online | Ratings | Free

They listened to me carefully and answered very patiently. Customer support makes life very comfortable as they are always there to support. Best experience on any service app from India till date. Tried it out of desperation during bad phase of my life and it really helped as the astrologer listened to my problem like a friend and then assured me that everything will be fine and gave remedies.

And when the things are good now, I use it regularly as they made me a believer. Brilliant user experience. From the interface to app to ease of asking a query to speaking to well spoken and experience astrologers. It was a delight. So, that time I said have to think and decided I'll tell you tomorrow, but he replies, if you agree with that I can continue puja, otherwise I will stop, up to now whatever I did puja that is going to waist, so confirm me fastly. I said I don't have that much money, and then he said ok give half of the amount am going to continue puja, remaining money will give after complete puja and your love back i.

Both of us continue discussions going on He said I have another puja pending confirm me fastly. Finally I agree with him if my love cannot back money will refund, whatever I paid to him. Next day I transfer the money rs, remaining money after 24hrs my love get back I use to give.

I waited extra5hrs also, and then I called him and asked about my love. Since then I have been waiting for the refund but they never did it. They thought no one can give complaints, bcz love is personal, so, clients come out and can't express like this cheated was done by astrologers. I strongly suspect that there is malpractice involved here to exploit people's weakness and swindle money in the name of God and astrology.

I have all the e-mails and SMSs exchanged with them and also a screenshot of the transaction receipt as proof. And what's up app chatting data. They are not astrologers. They are fake. They know little bit about astrology, i. So, they collect the information from their and explain to clients.

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Today again I call to him. And I said I ill give you compliant on him. He is said I ll do black magic on you for your dead, and while talking phone only he chanting mantra..